On President's Day, A WOM Campaign with Implications for the Economy

Happy President's Day! We at thekbuzz are celebrating by launching a campaign we're really excited about!

The Atlas Solution is one New York Shopping Center's Plan to Jump Start the Nation's Economy.

It's also a fully integrated buzz marketing campaign for our client, The Shops at Atlas Park. It's a cause marketing initiative during a time when Americans in New York and nationwide are very concerned about the economy. We've purchased a billboard right outside Manhattan, print ads in several newspapers, and the services of a traditional pr agency. But the main focus of our marketing efforts is Word of Mouth. We'll use internet search, facebook, myspace, Brand Ambassadors, and a street team working 64 straight days to spread the word about The Atlas Solution.

It's about marketing, but more than that, it's truly about a cause that people can get excited about: supporting the economy (and winning up to $20,000 in free cash too!) Our client, a shopping center, is giving away $20,000, not as a publicity stunt, but as a means to stimulate the local economy, similarly to the U.S. Government's Economic Stimulus Act. Furthermore, we're challenging shopping centers across the country to step up to the plate and give away some cash too, to help stimulate the economy in their backyards. Finally, it's about educating people - that each of us really can make a difference in the economy.

Thanks in advance for checking out the site, and, if you like it, spreading the word!