Peppy Pepto Bismol

A lot of Americans know that when your stomach hurts, you refer to the “pink stuff”, better known as Pepto Bismol. Their commercials and print ads continue to be one of my favorite advertising campaigns because of the way they associate inflammation with peppy jingles. The most recent ad is a quirky television commercial showing a bunch of people singing and dancing to the catchy tune. This attempt to reenact an American Idol audition is attention grabbing because just like the hit TV show, we like to watch people acting crazy on national television. I would like to hope the company and the people in the ad are getting more out of this than just a couple laughs. What’s next for America’s future, monkeys in suits promoting anti lice shampoo? Despite the lame humor, the 30 sec ad does make people smile about a subject we don’t want to think about.

As silly as their strategy might be, the jingle about upset stomachs and diarrhea does stay in my head. The sad part is that it doesn’t change my attitude towards the product itself. It’s supposed to help your stomach feel better, but trying to swallow that stuff is unbearable. I took one of their tablets a couple weeks ago, only because the person highly, and I mean highly, recommended I take it. Trying to swallow that was one of the worst experiences I had in awhile. Isn’t there anybody in the company’s marketing team that can come up with a better taste for the product instead? Now that would be something to sing about.