Register to Vote Today- It's Easier Than Ever Before

This is a stretch for buzz marketing, but it bears mention anyway on this Super Tuesday.
Thanks to the Internet and the omnipresent role it plays in our lives now, it's easier to register to vote than ever before. When I was 18, I had to walk 2 miles in the snow to a broken-down polling site to register on a cold, winter day...

Then why are so many millions of Americans of voting age unregistered? Apathy, perhaps. There are more Americans aged 18-21 on Myspace than are registered to vote.

Is this nothing short of a tragedy? Yes. Are there lots of quick and easy solutions? Yes again.

Here are 5 of thousands of links to help get you registered to vote in time for the November election, arguably the most important election of our lives:

Myspace's Declare Yourself Page

Facebook's Rock the Vote Group

Rock the Vote Home


So here's your chance kids. Take control of your future. Thanks to the era you've grown up in, registering to vote is just a few clicks away.