Seth Godin's New Book Meatball Sundae Another Great Warning to the Dinosaurs

Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing Out of Sync, the new book from popular marketing blogger Seth Godin, is reviewed in this week's Advertising Age here. The book includes 14 trends that marketers and brands can no longer ignore, and compares what some major companies are trying to do in mixing in new marketing strategies to trying to mix meatballs into a sundae. Godin writes:

"New Marketing is whipped cream and a cherry, a collection of techniques that offer huge payoffs--but the New Marketing works only for organizations that can get in alignment, stop making meatballs and start making something that goes very well indeed with hot fudge and marshmallow sauce."

True words, Seth. Every time I meet with a potential new client, they love everything I have to talk about with regard to buzz marketing, new media, brand ambassadors, word-of-mouth programs, social networking, blogging, etc. Then, they either get it and jump in or are too afraid to, and stay on the sidelines.


The good news is, lots of companies, including even many potential media dinosaurs, are beginning to get it....and in the end, they will thrive in this new consumer-driven, Web 2.0 era, while the dinosaurs quickly perish.