Song Choices in Advertising Make For Great Buzz

I will keep this short, since I know we all write about Apple, and it kind of annoys me....but it needs a mention.

I was half-watching American Idol when I heard a song playing during the commercial...something like "I don't know what I'm lookin' for, but I just wanna look some more". I looked up to find yet another brilliant Apple commercial...this one for the ITouch.

What is so buzz-worthy about this campaign, and this commercial in particular, is the effective use of song to capture an entire generation's mindset. The commercial captures in just 30 seconds what an entire generation is feeling, thinking and doing. Whether or not you have an are constantly searching.

Turns out the song is by Nashville Singer Brendan Benson. Pretty amazing that the song is not promoted on his MySpace or anything...perhaps an ITouch contract keeps that from happening? I know I'll be buying his album.

As a huge fan of soundtracks...(Believe me, I think my whole life is set to one), I have to give kudos to the creatives behind this campaign. As I focused back in on American Idol, I watched that 17 year old cutie David perform "Imagine", and was reminded that Simon Cowell really does get it right: Song Choice is EVERYTHING.