The everyday life of Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty can represent many things for America: freedom, liberty, and the economy. To me it represents a new change for the economy because recently I have become Lady Liberty. Over the past couple of weeks I have been roaming around various locations in Queens handing out free cash to people with Uncle Sam by my side. I have done many promotions over the past two years and this has by far been my favorite. Not only is it a worthwhile campaign to talk about, but it is also a crowd pleaser.

What makes being Lady Liberty so worthwhile for me is seeing the happy and confused faces by the various people when I hand them money. I get many questions like “Why are you doing this?” and “Is it real?” To the people who stick around for a minute or two, I explain to them a brief overview of The Atlas Solution and tell them to visit the website for all the information. They genuinely seem interested in the campaign and are pleased with their work-free cash.

What I don’t understand about giving away free money is why some people either ignore me, or don’t bother taking it. I understand that there are many people who hand out flyers about nail salons and food specials with coupons. I mean just because some people don’t care about those flyers does not mean they should turn down someone yelling “free cash”. There are a lot of false advertisements in the world, but what’s the harm in taking it anyway, a chance that we may be telling the truth and that it is real money.

Besides the questionable people who miss out on this golden opportunity, everyone else seems to enjoy this way of supporting the economy. I look forward to the upcoming days to see what the new reactions will be.