"Youngsters Not Happy Oldies Going Online": Guess I Couldn't Stay Cool for Long

According to a news report today promoted by the WOMMA Blog, kids are upset that us old folks (I'm all of 31) are going onto their social networks like Myspace and Facebook and are now looking towards newer sites like twitter and hulu.com.

Man, that stings. But of course it makes sense. A little personal history is in order.

In 2003 I discovered Friendster, my first online social network. It was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I quickly became addicted, got all of my friends to join, set up my profile, etc.

A year later nobody was going on Friendster anymore, so I joined Myspace. I had to set up my profile again, re-friend everyone, and take a lot time, but I knew it was worth it. I just had to stay hip.

Last year, I asked the teenaged babysitter of my children if she was on myspace, and she said, "No way. I'm on facebook." What the hell was facebook? Believe it or not, I had no idea, even though I was about to begin running a Word of Mouth marketing company.

I didn't want to go through the process all over again, so I actually had an intern set up my initial Facebook profile. (Thanks, Kathy). Once it was set up, I re-friended people again, including the babysitter. I was so cool. Over the last year, as facebook has grown, so has my love for it, and my addiction, and my network, over 500 friends at this point.

Yesterday I wanted to message that same babysitter, but when I looked her up, she wasn't there. What was the deal? Well, upon further review....SHE HAD DEFRIENDED ME! What? I was so cool, with 500+ friends, why defriend me? I was upset, until I realized it just wasn't cool to be old, no matter how cool I tried to be. Then I read this quote today about having "older" people on their online social networks from that report and it all came together:

"It would be like a 40-year-old attending the school formal," Rudman says. "It just doesn't work."

I gotta go. I''ve gotta check out hulu.com