Airline quantity vs. quality

Airlines are constantly trying to keep up with one another by coming up with more services to out due their competition. Continental Airlines promotes their company by stating that they are the most nationally known company to still provide meals, blankets, and pillows on domestic flights. Delta Airlines on the other hand is sticking firmly to the industry itself by promoting more non-stop international flights and more destinations. There are specific cities like Rome, Venice, and Milan that they promote to entice the customer to the options that they provide.

I’ve taken flights on both Continental and Delta airlines domestically and have found that quality is surely better than quantity. Just like any other airlines, the main point is to get there safely and efficiently. But why not make that long flight next to the large person who is overflowing and sleeping in your seat more enjoyable?

I enjoyed Continental’s complementary meal and headphones for listening to either the PG-13 movie or the restricted amount of music. The one thing that turned me off from this experience was efficiency and comfort of the flight. The lack of legroom and uncomfortable seats made me even more anxious to get off that plane. On Delta’s flight I thought that the choice of snacks was well accommodating for all lifestyles. There was more legroom surprisingly, and the seats were made with better cushioning. Just like Continental, I had the option of a blanket or pillow. Oh, and who doesn’t love to leave on time and arrive on time?

The way to a successful airline customer isn’t through his stomach; it’s through the overall experience. Think about it on your next flight.,