Calling All Advertisements

Advertisements are a part of our everyday life. We see them everywhere we go. With new innovation, advertisements are going to be closer to us than ever before.

According to a recent article from the, the prepaid wireless network Boost Mobile will begin launching advertisements over their phones starting this Wednesday. The goal of this campaign is to target consumers under the age of 30. According to Lowell Winter, director of emerging products in Irvine California he states: “From a brand advertiser’s perspective, it’s a targeted audience to buy. They spend less time watching television and spend less time on the PC and more timely actively using their mobile handset.” This demographic is also the majority of their consumer base.

The first few advertisements will come from industries such a Acura and Fox. These ads will pop-up when the consumer accesses the internet. Boost Mobile is also looking for other ways to incorporate ads on to their mobile devices. One idea that they are looking at is to have an ad pop-up during text messaging.

I feel that an idea like this is going to have mixed reviews amongst the consumer base. Some people may be all for it, while others may feel it violates their personal space. How do you feel about this?