Candy with an artists touch

Ever have a craving for chocolate? Well now when you reach into your M&M’s bag, you may find something surprising written on it. There is a new wave going around and it involves branding candy with personalized messages. This creative way of getting your message across seems to be a big hit when it comes to special occasions and events. M&M’s are now joining their fellow competitors Hershey, by taking it directly to the product.

Hershey has the concept of writing messages with an external source like squeezable candy, while other company’s such as M&M’s and General Mills have decided to provide an engraving into the product itself. The websites offer a fun and creative way to design your M&M’s or candy.

I recently attended a friend’s wedding where they gave everyone who stayed in the hotel little memorable gift bags. Little did I know the fruit roll up that I was eating had the bride and groom’s name on it, a wedding cake, and other traditional symbols of marriage. If that wasn’t enough, when you put the print that is on the fruit roll up on your tongue, it sticks and shows the image on your tongue. It gave me some laughs and made me think about how businesses could take this to another level.

There are plenty of companies who give gift baskets to prospective clients. Wouldn’t you be impressed if you opened your cheese and cracker basket to find a heartwarming message written on the item itself? It would sure make me feel like a company was trying to get my attention in a creative way. To check out this new way of enjoying your favorite sweets, log onto,, and