Cold Stone Cravings

Anyone who enjoys Cold Stone, would know that there's just that moment that hits you, and you all of a sudden MUST have some. Ice cream is one of the few things that are impulse buys, dependent on our mood and the presence of that "crave." If it were any other way ... it would not be healthy for us.

Cold Stone Creamery has created 4 new TV ads scheduled to run beginning March 9th that will hope to spark the crave in people as well as create brand awareness. The ads will be targeting women ages 18-44 and promoting the endless combinations of their ice cream: "Millions of combinations mean you can change your mind as often as you like . . . Cold Stone Creamery . . . Create your own mix."

Suzanne Schutz, senior director of marketing at Cold Stone Creamery, Scottsdale, AZ said, "This campaign is about cravability, showing our products and the ability to customize the ice cream." Their first campaign last year revolved around the unique store experience Cold Stone offered.

This is a great move by Cold Stone. They are focusing on what makes them unique. Last year it was about the experience, i.e. crewmembers singing while making your ice cream, this year it'll be about the millions of combinations. There will be supporting online ads that begin in June, which I look forward to. If they're trying to get people to have cravings more often, there's no doubt they should infiltrate people's homes through the internet also.