Cottonelle Can Learn A Thing or Two From Charmin about Buzz

Cottonelle recently revamped their marketing campaign by advertising their toilet paper throughout the mass transit of New York City. Buses, trains, and subway stations are now displaying toilet paper advertisements. However, Cottonelle is not doing enough. Over the past holiday season, Charmin had a crazy marketing campaign. They decided to buy out some space in the middle of Times Square and provide everyone with restrooms. Upon entering, an escalator would bring you to their twenty some odd toilets were located. On your way to the second floor, you were bombarded with TVs showcasing the Charmin commercial, and a stage for people to dance along, and a place for people to take pictures. On top of all of this, Charmin gave out free samples to everyone that came to use their restrooms. As a result, by the time you leave, you are singing, dancing, and thinking Charmin. Waiting on line, and listening to Charmin for twenty minutes may seem annoying, but it gets the message across.

Thus far, Cottonelle only has posted up advertisements throughout New York City public transportation. Will they do anything else to improve their marketing campaign?