Girls Don't Have to Go Prom Dress Shopping Together Anymore- Just Use Facebook to Share Pics

Back in my day (ok, my prom was in 1994) I remember tuxedo shopping with a bunch of my guy friends. We didn't know what we were doing, but we shlepped into the store, figured it all out, and got a limo's worth of tuxes. Our dates had a tougher job- (though probably more fun for them), going to dress shops together until they all picked out the perfect dress. (My prom date turned out to be a lesbian, but that's for another blog post one day...)

Anyway, now, it's 2008, and we are in the midst of the digital age, the age on im's and social networking. So Sears, for one, is trying to revolutionize the prom dress business. Ad Week reports that is encouraging female teens to check out a wide variety of prom dresses online and then use social bookmarking through facebook to share their favs. They are complimenting the campaign with a large ad spend on facebook targeting the sites 2.4 million 15-17 year old girls.

Now I'm a guy, so I imagine I can't truly understand the joy that some females get from actually trying on dress after dress in front of their friends. But in today's world of instant gratification and instant communication, I also think this campaign will be a huge hit for Sears. Perfectly targeted - well-designed, and easy to use, this campaign will lead to a lot more dresses being checked out online than in person- and then a lot more purchased, on and off-line. 5 out of 5 bees for Sears from this chief buzz officer.