Is Tylenol really making me "feel better"?

Everyone at some point in their lives gets a headache or some sort of achy pain. Most people turn to the infamous generic drugs, aspirin or acetaminophen. The varieties to choose from extend from an aisle long and 3 shelves high. Which one should I choose? Tylenol has a new campaign that has been posted on many subway cars titled “Feel Better”. Their statement is “Feeling better is not just about the pills we take. It is also about the choices we make every day.” So then who made the choice to splatter the bright white and red ads all over a subway car?

I understand that they’re trying to promote a healthier lifestyle so you don’t have to rely on medicine, but to market a product, shouldn’t they be promoting the advantages of taking Tylenol? In today’s market, it seems like everyone has been there and done that, but there are methods that do work better than others.

Anyone who takes the subway knows how uncomfortable it can get when you’re packed in the train like a sardine and you try to avoid eye contact because who knows if you’re standing next to a psychotic madman. That’s where the print ads come in handy. I get to stare at a variety of posters advertising pimple removal, beer, and now aspirin. They should give out free samples of the aspirin for that trip alone. The only problem is when the ads cover the entire car; the only thing I’m looking at is the repeated slogans. But I suppose that’s their goal. They must figure that if you’re going to be stuck on the train, they might as well inscribe it in your head that Tylenol is there for you. If only they were there for me before the homeless man who hadn’t bathed in months sat next to me.