Marketing: Clinton vs. Obama

According to Rishad Tobaccowala, Obama’s lead in the presidential primary is due to his mastery of the Internet. While other presidential candidates are still using traditional media to attract the masses, Obama is using less traditional forms of media.

Not only does Obama have an up-to-date website that regularly provides his supporters with current information, but his campaign also sends out emails on a regular basis too. Furthermore, the website provides people with the ability to watch his debates online, as they are occurring in real time. The best part is the challenges that are created through the presidential campaigns. Since the websites provide current information, when the Obama campaign found out Clinton’s campaign was donated $5 million, they quickly turned it into a contest and were determined to supersede that amount. Ultimately, they raised $8 million. Obama’s campaign is more digital than it is anything else. He uses the internet to his full advantage, and is able to spread his ideas, and information like wildfire.
Digital media allows people to comment, support, and post their own ideas about the various campaigns. As a result, the various presidential candidates can gain support without actually doing too much. Websites such as Barely Political, blogs, and YouTube, allow people to post videos and voice their opinions about the campaigns. The video, I’ve Got a Crush on Obama, was created as joke, and did not intend to support or go against the campaign. However, it provided a quick boost to Obama in the early stages of the campaign.

While Clinton has mainly used traditional media to gain support, Obama has been thinking outside of the traditional box. Allowing people to have their own voice is crucial to the 2008 Presidential Race. Clearly, Obama’s campaign targets more people through various forms of media, and has been successful thus far.