Meatball Sundae you say?

Seth Godin, the well known author, has published many books for marketing professionals. His new release is titled “Meatball Sundae”. I attended a seminar where Godin himself spoke about his latest book release. The book itself is a good tool to help you understand how other companies operate and the strategy one needs to overtake the competition.

Mr.Godin is a very well spoken, humorous man with a lot of knowledge of the marketing industry. While listening to his views about what makes companies succeed in the hectic business world, I found myself quite amused at the creative images that were being displayed behind him. He gave us an overview of the contents in the book through clever examples and explanations. My career goal is to get into the marketing industry, and his tips on what not to do for your business really gave me an in depth look of the madness companies go through. Everything you need to know about Seth Godin and his infamous blogs are at

Another author/speaker that was present was David Vinjamuri. In his book “Accidental Branding” he describes some good examples of how many profitable companies stumbled onto their fortune by accident. Just like Mr. Godin, he is also a fine speaker with a vast amount of knowledge of the industry. It was an informative seminar that made me think about what it takes to make a company succeed.

Now many marketers have heard the term before, but for all those (including myself) who never heard this meatball sundae expression before, well, let me give you a taste of how Godin describes it. He describes the “sundae” as the starting point where if we add fudge and whipped cream, it will succeed. What if we start off with meatballs? Better check out the book to see what happens.