Motorola Can Save The Day?

In their latest advertising campaign, Motorola decided to create a virtual city. This virtual city,, allows customers to experience Motorola’s usefulness in everyday situations. All of their scenarios focus on various forms of public safety, including threat surveillance, command center, patrol, evacuation, fire ground and campus security. After selecting one of the various forms of safety, consumers are brought to the site and showed exactly how Motorola products help rectify this problem in virtual space.
According to Conrad, “The key objective is to have our customers focus on their mission, not so much the technology.” He further explains that, “The campaign is not product-led but is focused more on different areas that customers might encounter on a day-to-day basis.”
Motorola is trying to attract customers by showing them how their products are essential to everyday situations. While designing this campaign, since online marketing was a priority the virtual space was created before any of the traditional forms of media was incorporated into their campaign. This campaign uses both print and online ads, along with email, and trade publications, in order spread their message. Not only, do they have print ads running in various media publications, but also in Government Technology, and Law Enforcement Technology publications.

It looks like the message they are trying to get across is, “Buy Motorola, It Can Save the Day!” Clearly, Motorola’s motive is not limited to just showing customers different scenarios that they encounter on a day-to-day basis. Motorola by using familiar grounds to spread their message amongst consumers has thought the plan through. But is it going to work? Are people going to start believing Motorola can save the day and start using its products? Yes, Motorola says they just want to create awareness, but is that really it? Or are they just using a familiar, reality-like situation, to get consumers to believe Motorola plays an essential role in their lives?