Smooth Moves for Smoothie King

Free smoothie before a Mets game? Heck yes!
Smoothie King is launching their second Smoothie King on the Go mobile tour. The “Orange KaBAM van” will be bringing a fully-equipped smoothie kitchen to live events around the country for the next six months.
The tour consists of over 24 U.S. cities including Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, and New York. The van is named after one of their most popular menu items, the Orange KA-BAM.
The initial launch of this great tour took place last summer and turned out to be quite successful. Last year ‘s Smoothie King on the Go mobile tour visited fairs, festivals, sports events and other gatherings. It saw nearly 80,000 hand-blended samples and 60,000 Smoothie King coupons distributed in seven cities.
Consumers will be able to lounge in the “On the Go” café where they can be entertained by an emcee conducting fruit trivia contests and “Brain Freeze” quizzes. Information about Smoothie King Products, franchises, and charitable causes such as Play Every Day will also be available along with the mobile unit.
As a smoothie fanatic, I would surely become a fan of any company that was giving me a free refreshing & healthy drink. Mobile tours are pretty buzz worthy in itself in that they not only provide consumers with a free taste of your product, but also allows consumers to build a relationship with your brand. What better way to have someone remember your product than to associate it with a memorable event such as a concert or a fun sports game.