Too Sexy for Your Marketing!

Is it possible to be too sexy?
Victoria's Secret thinks so. After a not so pretty holiday season, the lingerie giant is planning an image makeover.

During a conference call last week, the chief executive of the brand admitted that the brand has become “too sexy”. In a response to the weak sales of last year and focus group feedback, CEO Sharen Jester Turney spoke of returning to Victoria’s Secret original heritage. "We will return to an ultra-feminine lingerie brand to meet (customer) needs and expectations" says the boss.

Over the last couple of years, Victoria’s Secret has expanded their target market. Back in 2003, they came out with the launch of the PINK line in which I absolutely became obsessed. It catered to the young 18-22 year old college-bound clientele. Despite the name, the PINK line didn’t just have pink items. Instead, it’s collection varied from polka dot thongs to multi-colored striped t-shirts.

Although successful, the PINK line does not necessarily represent the original image of Victoria's Secret. That is why they have decided to do some soul-searching and are going back to their more feminine look. I agree with Ms. Turney in that Victoria's Secret needs to produce more sophisticated lingerie. Additionally, some non-traditional marketing initiatives would be awesome. Maybe they could incorporate a blog to connect with their online shoppers. That would surely be buzz-worthy!