A Sweaty Situation

Gillette is partnering with Groomgroove.com to create more awareness for its new clinical strength line of deodorant. Groomgroove is a website that helps the average groom deal with his wedding dilemmas, ranging from what to expect for the day and the duties of everyone in the wedding to financial cost saving tips and wedding ring prices based on the groom's salary.

The promotion itself is pretty simple, yet fun and logical- write to groomgroove.com describing how you popped the question and got the love of your life to say yes. The winning story will walk away with a year's supply of Gillette Clinical Strength and $1,000 in cash. The story can be no longer than 350 words and all entries will be posted on GroomGroove.com to give future grooms endless inspiration and minimal perspiration. The contest ends April 21, 2008.

My bosses actually had a sponsored wedding and were married on a baseball field (if you read this blog then you may know about it) which blows the Gillette promotion out of the water. However, the Gillette promotion is a safer way to create more brand awareness of the product without having any negative press stating that they are ruining the sanctity of marriage which my bosses received. But it will not create as much buzz as the sponsored wedding caused.
All in all a pretty fun promotion, I give it 3 1/2 bees.