Art Marketing

While Andy Warhol used Coca Cola to express his artful spirit, Coca Cola is now using art to make an appeal to customers. I believe culture has a huge powerful effect on people. Companies have tried to create a positive image by using cultural attractiveness and this is also a popular phenomenon business tool. Nowadays this trend is beginning to include art marketing.

Every year limited edition artful bottles have been introduced by Coca Cola Belgium and the event draws much Coca Cola mania into Belgium. Coca Cola Belgium has covered Coca Cola bottles and cans with works of artists, photographers and designers.

Several companies have connected their brand to the art world in similar promotions. Samsung Electronics announced the arrival of their new PDP TV at Louvre Museum in Paris. The event allowed people to take photos of famous paintings, and then immediately display those pictures on the PDP TV. The idea of the ceremony was to show visitors the quality of their new TV and it’s ability to reproduce the paintings at such an excellent resolution. BMW has a promotion that allows young artists to use their car as a canvas and then display the cars at an exhibition. Hermes Korea has created an art award, hoping to connect the art world with their brand. They are hoping to contribute to the development of Korean art but they are also enhancing their image in Korea.

In order to survive in a highly competitive market, companies should try to evolve their marketing techniques in order to not limit the frame of their industry. Unlike products and services, concepts and culture can’t be imitated easily in the short term. That’s why companies use artistic concepts as a marketing tool to emphasize its characteristics.