Bank of American Cheer

Bank of America, which is an Olympic sponsor, is launching an online campaign and tour for its American Olympic athletes. The program known as “America Cheers” offers people a chance to upload audio and/or video footage to show their support for the Olympic athletes. Fans can post on the website These audio/video clips will then be a part of a 26 event/19 city tour throughout the time of the Olympics.

Along with this campaign, Bank of America is issuing Olympic-themed check cards, checks, and credit cards. These products will be linked to a rewards program to where customers/fans can receive free Olympic Merchandise. Some of the items that are being offered are Olympic apparel, autographs, and chances to win a trip to the Olympics. Bank of America is also sponsoring 12 aspiring athletes known as “America Hometown Hopefuls.” These athletes will also be a part of the tour.

I feel that this promotion is just what the Olympics needs. With all the protest about the Olympics being held in China, people tend to forget what the Olympics is really about. The Olympics is about the celebration/appreciation of the amateur athletes, their skills, and spirit of competition within the athletes to honor their country. This program allows us to relate back to what the Olympics is really all about.