Burger King Goes Latino Once Again

Burger King corp. has decided to once again launch a music contest targeting Latinos. The contest will be showcasting new Latino talent offering the opportunity for aspiring artists to be crowned as the best local band in each of the 10 local cities. The grand prize includes, the title of the best local band along with $2,500 along with a customized Burger King-branded guitar.

The tour is called "Tu Ciudad, Tu Musica" (Your City, Your Music) and includes pre-selected bands from each city. The tour premiered last month in McAllen, Texas and will be stopping in other cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Miami.

Last year, more than 200 bands competed. This is the second year that the tour will take place and it will be hosted by former Miss Panama, Patricia De Leon.

During the events, Burger King brand ambassadors will be handing out $5 BK Crown cards and talking about the performances. A total of 5,000 gift cards will be distributed.

From a marketing perspective, the "Tu Ciudad, Tu Musica" is a great way to resonate with the Latino community. As a latina, I am a big music fan and I know how much of an influence music has on Latinos living in the U.S. Luckily, Burger King was able to recognize this as well.

Additionally, incorporating brand ambassadors into the events will surely get people buzzing about the tour. Nothing spreads faster than word of mouth marketing.