Free Fuel

With gas prices sky rocketing Taco Bell is trying to help their customers out. Taco Bell has decided to give away a $50 gas card every ten minutes until May 21st to customers that buy a large or extra large drink.
How does this work? After buying their drink, customers are to look on the side of their large or extra large drink and locate an alphanumeric code. Upon finding it, people have to go onto, and enter their code for their chance to win a $50 gas card. The winners will get an email with a prize confirmation message. The interactive website supports Taco Bell’s beverage, Mountain Dew Baja Blast, which is a combination of Mountain Dew and Tropical Lime, through their surf theme.
The website has an online surfing game, “Hang Ten,” a Tiki Theatre, as well as various videos. Since gas prices are going up everyday, David Ovens, chief marketing officer for Taco Bell, feels this campaign will drive traffic to their restaurants because “a chance to win cash for free fuel is an engaging offer."
Many a times people would look right past promotions like this, seeing as their chances to win are very limited. However, giving away gas cards every ten minutes gives many more people a chance to win.
Are you going to run to your nearest Taco Bell for your chance to win some gas money?!