Pizza and Pasta? Its Been Done Already

Recently I saw a commercial on TV advertising Pizza Hut's new pasta platters on their menu. Pizza and pasta, where have I been able to enjoy these two specific dishes before? Oh yeah, California Pizza Kitchen has been offering pasta with their special brand of pizza creations for years now. So, why are people unaware, for the most part in my opinion, that CPK is out there, and why is Pizza Hut going through the trouble of directly competing with CPK by offering pasta? Well, for one thing CPK has only three locations in New York state and Pizza Hut has over twelve. However, the CPK in Glendale set the sales record for the country this year. That's for all the California Pizza Kitchens in the United States, including the locations in California! This is very impressive, and Pizza Hut could be making a preemptive strike against a possible CPK invasion in NYC and surrounding areas by adding pasta to their menu to perhaps compete with CPK's numbers in the arena of restaurant sales. It would appear that this is the case, which begs the question, why do these big corporations always pick on the little guy? My personal opinion is that Pizza Hut pizza is some of the worst made food on the planet, and the pasta, although I haven't tried it yet, couldn't be all that great. So why try to enter a fight you probably will never win? I guess they hope the average consumer does not know where the CPKs are in their region, and they could appear to be the first pizza franchise to offer more on their menu. Thus, keeping CPK the little guy no matter how many more locations they open. You want pasta AND pizza? Well ok, come to Pizza Hut and you can still get both. To me, its a very desperate attempt as I see more and more people talking about how CPK is like gourmet Italian compared to Pizza Hut or even Dominos. This is a huge draw for CPK, and will stand as their differentiating factor while competing with the two pizza giants. Quality over quantity as it were. However, on ease of delivery, they both have CPK beat right now. I would not be surprised if that all changes once more locations spring up. This is mere speculation, as a marketer I can only guess what plans CPK has in store for the region. But, if the location in Glendale is any indication, CPK corporate should definitely be looking at opening more locations in New York. As a loyal CPK patron, I would love to see them win over their competitors. I almost never order from Pizza Hut or Dominos any more, and find it a relief that I don't have to succumb to less than quality ingredients. More people are looking for the same chance to try something different, and CPK most definately offers that. Santa Fe pizza, Hawaiian, BLT, all these varieties of pizza you can't get anywhere else. Papa Johns is also competing right now, but I don't see them making any waves in the region so far. They have specialty pizzas and pasta, but after a new location in my area opened up recently and after a few tries I was very disappointed in what I received from Mr. Johns. The same consensus was shared with others I spoke to. So the most bang for your buck in my opinion is CPK, regardless of other larger companies attempts to copy their menu. That is, of course, if you already had your local mom and pop pizza once this week already! In New York, its all about the pizza and if you can't go traditional you might as well try CPK and see how it compares to what Dominos and Pizza Hut tries to pass off as pizza, and pasta for that matter as well!