Profits from random events?

Whenever there is an event that catches the attention of the public eye, there always seems to be peddlers selling cheap merchandise with a statement or picture on the items. When the blackout occurred in 2003 there were t-shirts saying “I survived the blackout of 2003”, and “NYC Blackout 2003”. It’s funny how marketers create business by combining an incident with sales.

As soon as the pope came to the U.S., the next day I saw people setting up their tables with pope buttons and snow globes for sale. Whether it is a religious figure or a natural disaster, someone keeps finding the time to produce these cheap items. It costs about 50 cents to make one of these shirts, and then probably another dollar to press the image onto the shirt; then they sell them for $10 to gullible tourists who buy into this type of memorabilia.

Cheap memorabilia $10, value of the item over time $0, seeing tourists wear an “I love the pope” button and being proud of it, priceless.