The new instant messaging for Facebook

Facebook keeps coming up with new applications to add to your page... well now we have instant communication. Yes, they finally jumped aboard the instant messaging bandwagon. Not only can you see who is on facebook within the past 5 minutes, but now you can talk to them in a flash.

This is a good new tool they've added because there are times where some people don't have Aol or Msn messenger to communicate with. Also, sometimes we become friends with someone and while we like the person, we don't necessarily keep their screen names. This provides an all in one access to everyone on your friends list.

They are also going to expand on this by creating Friendvox, the Facebook IM. It won't require an application or any excess procedures except signing in with your username, and they will have similar fun features as Aol like emoticons.

Great job, Facebook! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!