Verizon Fios customers get rewarded

Are you a Verizon Fios customer? Do you have internet, cable, and/or phone with Fios service? If so, then you better catch on to a new promotion the K Buzz is pushing.

Verizon Fios internet is a type of service that provides you with high speed connections to the internet. Forget about counting the minutes until your web page loads, with this service, you will be flying around the internet faster than the speed of light. (well almost)

The cable service grants you on demand features along with dual tuner for your rewinding needs, and also the option of international channels.

The K buzz is looking for fans of fios to help spread the word about this great service. There are no fees or purchases required. All you need to do is have the service already, contact us at or call Chuck at 718-416-2899, and that’s it. You get some free goodies like a t-shirt and buttons, and even get the chance to have us cater a party at your house during a television event of your choice! If I had the service and I could get some free goodies, then why wouldn’t I tell my friends about the service? Sounds like a two for one deal if you ask me.