Walking marketing tool, T-shirt

Visitors who visit CNN.com can now see a T-shirt logo along with the main headline. CNN is selling these shirts for $15 each and visitors have the option to choose specific headlines. This t-shirt promotion comes from CNN’s idea to spread their brand throughout the streets with clothing.

We have seen many promotions that have produced viral effects like this and this kind of promotion can actually be a great marketing tool. 2 years ago, I saw a people walking around with transparent plastic bag containing the KFC chicken boxes. It drew a lot of attention with the possibility to pull people into KFC stores. It’s a kind of a walking marketing tool.
I would like to give marketers a careful warning. If they establish this t-shirt promotion strategy, their brand can be seen as cheap product. This is because these promotional t-shirts concentrate on just a message and usually don’t care about appearance. Nowadays ‘design’ is a main concept to all kinds of products and services so they should spend as much time on creating excellent design as well as deriving marketing messages.