Americas Past Time with Nestle

With the costs of Major League Baseball tickets rising, parents have been less inclined to take children to the game. An alternative that parents have been doing is that they are taking their kids to Minor League Baseball games. Aside from the significantly lower ticket prices, there are a lot of different events and contests going on at the game to bring excitement. As Minor League Baseball is becoming more family oriented, Nestle is finding ways to appeal to that market.

As a Minor League Baseball sponsor, Nestle will be hosting an event called “Nestle Drumstick Cones Family Days.” This event will tour different minor league parks across the country. The event will be filled with different family activities and discounts on future ticket purchases. At the event, families can have their pictures taken together as a family portrait. At some parks Nestle will also select participants to host a birthday party for. With the purchase of two drumstick cones, fans can have the chance to receive a personalized set of baseball cards from Topps.

I think that this is a great idea for an event because it is family oriented and that is what Minor League Baseball is all about. I also feel that there is nothing better than having some ice cream on a hot summer day while watching a baseball game. If you would like to know when “Nestle Drumstick Family Days” is coming to your local ballpark you can go to the website for the complete schedule