Everyone is Sex and The City Crazy

This weekend, everyone is Sex and The City crazy. Theaters have been packed from midnight with fans that are anxious to see the movie. In between your excitement and going to see the movie – do not forget that marketers are making the most of this opportunity.

This movie has promotional partnerships with at least eight companies whose products appear in the film. According to Businessweek, Sarah Jessica Parker told reporters that the promotional partnerships are, “a huge part of financing and marketing in foreign territories…and it would have been impossible, unfortunately, for us to make this movie without some partnerships.”

The product placements include Mercedes-Benz, designer handbags from Bag Borrow or Steal, British sandwich chain Pret-A-Manager, Manolo Blahnick, Jimmy Choo, Skyy Spirits, Coty fragrances, Glaceau Vitaminwater, Apple, Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, and the jeweler H.Stern. While some of these product placements were done through partnerships with the companies of these products, others were not. Nevertheless, the companies whose products are featured in this movie are using the movie as a big promotional push for those products.

According to Chris Carlisle, president of New Line Cinema, this movie is the “Super Bowl for Women. Their goal through these partnership promotions is to align only with those brands that make sense and match up with Sex and the City.

So while you are watching the movie sometime this weekend, keep in mind the subtle marketing and promotional pushes that were involved. You might be tempted to try something new, or change your way of thinking about a product, just because of the way it was portrayed in the movie.