Goodbye K Buzz!

It’s been a long 3 months and now it’s time for me to say goodbye to a wonderful company, The K Buzz. I’ve had a great time working on the various projects and campaigns that have come my way throughout the time I’ve spent here.

One of my favorite campaigns was the Atlas Solution. Besides for the thrill of handing out free cash to complete strangers to support the economy, I got to do this while being dressed up as lady liberty. Uncle Sam and I went to various parts of Queens, including The Shops at Atlas Park, and gave out various denominations of dollar bills. I’ll never forget the reactions from some of these people who said they would use the money to “buy a Pepsi”, “help start their business”, and even “buy something at the dollar store”.

Every day at The K Buzz is a fun filled day because of the great people who work here and the energy and humorous antics that arise throughout the day. If the cheery bee atmosphere doesn’t brighten your day as soon as you walk in, then the attitudes of the employees will.