Google Ranking is Big for Business

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m looking for a new restaurant to check out this weekend. I head on over to Google and type a couple words into the search engine and click “Go”. The first few places listed get most of my attention and I probably will not even need to venture as far as page 2. This poses a good question to any business owner who wants high volumes of traffic to their website, how much is a Google ranking really worth?
The effects of being in the first spot or even the first page are astounding. According to this article, a website listed at number one gets roughly 8.5 times more clicks than a website listed in the #5 spot. Another interesting number to look at: roughly 89% of clicks within searches happen on the first page of results. Many business owners are spending lots of money on search engines and have become quite reliant on it. Google’s revenues were $5.19 billion just for the first quarter of 2008.
An article I found here gives an intensive business plan and breakdown of ways to make your company ranked higher in Google searches. Currently, Google shares 3 data points (the price charged for a click, how many clicks they sold you, and any conversion data you decided to share with them) with marketers and this is only after they have charged the marketers for the traffic. So, in some ways it’s still a mystery as to how your company can hold that coveted number one spot in the rankings.