Higher technology, higher attention!

I have been through some hard experiences waiting 50 minutes for a bus in the freezing cold weather. If I knew that the bus would be this late, I would’ve stayed in my warm house rather than standing outside turning into a snowman. In Korea, they have a great mobile service to prevent people from wasting time and becoming a snowman in the freezing weather. It’s called the Bus location tracing system and it’s used with a cell phone.

Before I leave home, I checked where my bus is. I log into the bus tracing system with my cell phone and enter the code number of my bus stop and my bus number. It then shows me text messages like ‘there are 2 stops to reach this stop you choose’ and calculates the estimated time. This system is based on a satellite device. It also helps drivers to keep allocation time of the bus because this device is installed in each bus to let drivers know where related buses are now.
It should become popularized because it can cover over a hundred potential customers, especially because it is a mobile-based technology. By using this marketing tool, a company could release some innovative advertising and promote this product in a creative way. The more informed we are about technology trends, the more marketing opportunity we get.