How many calories are you really eating?

With the country now going green and becoming more health conscious, there are more restaurants that are now posting their nutrition contents on visible signs. They should have done this a while ago because it is required by law to have the contents available for the customer to see.

During the Olympic events in Torino, Italy a couple of years ago, McDonalds released their Big Mac box with the nutrition contents on the packaging itself. While that is a good way for people to really see how many calories are in their food, they have to purchase the item first.

Subway was one of the first fast food chains to show their calories on the menu because of Jared and his success story. The funny thing I noticed is that they didn’t post the calorie contents for the tuna sub, the only sub without meat. I’m sure now with all the pressure from the other chains, they will put up the contents very soon.

If you can’t take the suspense of finding out how much fat is in your chicken nuggets, then check out, you can find out the calorie contents for almost any fast food chain and supermarket products.