"I Love NY" and their campaign!

One of New York’s older campaigns is coming back with a new look to it. On May 6th, the free local New York City papers AMNY and Metro had a promotional cover for the I Love NY slogan. Instead of the traditional phrase with a heart symbolizing love, they have an environmentally friendly page that represents all that New York has to offer.

The print ad that was featured on the papers has the original slogan with added features scattered discretely throughout the page. It shows Niagra Falls, The Statue of Liberty, pretzels hiding in the trees, squirrels, and grapes. All these things are supposed to show what New York has to offer, such as the wineries, parks, and fairs.

This new campaign offers fun things to do on their website www.iloveny.com, such as creating your own travel brochures and entering a contest where New Yorkers can make their own “I love NY commercials”. The famous brand is over 31 years old and this is a new way to encourage people from all over to not only visit New York City, but the entire state.