MmMm Pizza - Order it Straight From Your Desktop

This week, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s chains in their latest marketing campaign launched desktop widgets that allow people to place their online orders without having to go to the companies’ websites.

Consumers can download myPapa applications that are customized for desktops, iGoogle or My Yahoo start pages, and even MySpace and Facebook. Customers can click on the pizza box widget icon and place an order that will immediately be sent to their local PapaJohn's. Moreover, the company will create various customized discounts and product offers for users based on their order history. Also, these widgets will users to easily access Papa John’s menu and nutritional information, find a restaurant, and even look at their catering menu.

According to Jim Ensign, vice president of marketing communications for Papa John’s International, people will no longer have to sift through emails, newspaper coupons, or online offers; everything will be available on your desktop.

So what about Pizza Hut? On the same day, Pizza Hut launched their “Pizza Hut Shortcut widget.” This mini application allows customers to order quickly, as well as reorder their favorites through a “Pizza Playlist,” while building custom orders. In the future this application will be used to drive special offers from local outlets, and store wide deals.

It looks like Papa John’s is a few steps ahead then Pizza Hut. Papa John’s widget already provides custom discounts and store wide deals, while Pizza Hut is still planning it for the future. Nevertheless, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut are growing with the times. They are assimilating to technology and making it easier for people to order their favorites. What about Domino’s? Currently, there is no word for widgets in the making, but sooner or later, they will have to catch up.