One Brand Loyalist is Very Sad Today.

You know, I have never actually stopped to calculate the amount of money I spend at Dunks in a year. Let's try, shall we? There are the two large iced coffees Dave and I get every day in the spring/summer. There are the two extra large hot coffees we get every day in the fall and an average price between the two (call it $1.99), that's $1452.70 for the year. Of course, Dave and I always leave a tip. Let's estimate .20 for that, and call that 73 dollars a year. Now, we've got Charlotte's weekly Sunday morning bagel trip, complete with chocolate milk....figure about $4 for that adventure-- $208 for the year. And, I am embarrassed to even discuss my sausage, egg and cheese phase which took approximately $300 out of my pocket, and placed it straight on my ass. Add $100 for Passover Seder Boxes of Joe, and you've got a whopping $2133.70 spent at Dunkin Donuts throughout the course of a year.

This is okay, of course. I am a brand loyalist! I spit on Starbucks and their cafe-like atmosphere. Fooey on Krispy Kreme and their bland coffee. Give me Dunkin, or Give me Death. I don't mind paying. I don't mind any of it.

Today was FREE Dunkin Iced Coffee day. Dave and I saw it on Facebook, and were so excited. We love to participate in Dunkin promos. We have the customized picture gift cards. We have the Dunkin Donuts mugs. We have it all. And so, I happily skipped to my car this morning, and headed to the drive thru of the Northern Boulevard Dunkin Donuts.

"I'm here for my free iced coffee!", I say to the drive thru machine, which features a piece of cardboard taped to it that says, "CASH ONLY- CREDIT NO WORK HERE". I am chipper.

"Oh no", she says. "Start at 10. Its 9:30".

"Okay" I say. I proceed with my order-- Toasted Almond Large Iced Coffee, Skim Milk, Two Splenda. I pay. I drive off.

Here's my problem, Dunks. I don't think you should offer this promo if you can't put your money where your mouth is. We know EXACTLY why this promo starts at 10-- you miss the morning rush. But don't you think that this is PRECISELY the customer who you could upsell? I realize the added expense of the free coffee for the early risers...but the early risers are the ones who are your most loyal fans...and they are the ones you should be rewarding. Will you introduce new customers to Dunks at 10am? Maybe. But you had one loyal fan very sad today. I still bought my coffee. But as one who usually marvels at your marketing, I was left quite bewildered at this small print mixup.

So, what do you think? Should I have read the Facebook invite more carefully? Should I understand Dunks need to save money? Am I becoming an old curmudgeon? Or do I have a point. Discuss amongst yourselves.