Sidewalk Chalk Art: Free, Creative,and Attention Grabbing!

The average person walking down a crowded street in New York or another major city gets handed lots of stuff by small businesses, promoters, and marketers. Heck, amongst my firm's specialties is street team promotions.

But even the best street team can become yet another example of advertising clutter, as jaded urban dwellers look down, refusing to make eye contact or accept the promoter's materials.

Enter sidewalk chalk art. The pic at the right, hard to believe but true, is not 3D, but a chalk art drawing. Julian Beever and other artists specialize in sidewalk chalk art. Now, when people look down, avoiding eye contact with the promoters, they can still see a fun and creative message.

Mezzo Comedy Club in Astoria, New York has created a name for itself and built its audience exclusively using sidewalk chart art and sidewalk signs all over Astoria. It's cheap, legal, and definitely buzzworthy.

Some might call this invasive. I'm a marketer, though, so I call it genius.