Undercover Orange Soda Coming Your Way!

PepsiCo & Warner Bros are teaming up this summer to promote a movie and a new flavor of soda. Warner Bros Pictures’ film version of the 1960s TV series “Get Smart” will hit the theaters on June 20th. This feature film is being supported by a multi-million dollar promotional campaign from PepsiCo.

Pepsi Co is launching their limited edition Sierra Mist Undercover Orange soda. While other brands are also promoting this movie, to have a long lasting impact on their product, PepsiCo is only looking to attract consumers for the summer.

Carbonated soft drink sales have decreased over the past few months as consumers are looking towards non-carbonated healthier drinks. This new Sierra Mist flavor will have a splash of mandarin orange, but will remain clear in color. Instead of looking like most orange sodas, Sierra Mist is going for a more natural look.

This soda has just hit the stores, and will be gone by the end of the summer. Be on the look out for broadcast TV & radio advertisements for “Get Smart” and Sierra Mist Undercover Orange soda.

In the 2007 holiday season, Sierra Mist launched a similar campaign by introducing the Sierra Mist Free Cranberry Splash for eight weeks. This product was also promoting the release of “Fred Clause.”

Their campaign in 2007 was a successful one; hopefully this campaign will also be just as beneficial.