Armani Exchange Breaks the High-Fashion End Barriers

Armani Exchange is considered to be one of the more “affordable” brands of high-end fashion. With the territory of being a couture brand there are some rules, one rule in particular is locating your store ONLY within the store brands preferred demographics: white upperclassmen. Reason being why Armani Exchange has chosen locations such as Fifth Avenue in NYC, Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY, and Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington, NY. However, AX recently stepped out of the high-end fashion boundaries, a new store is in the works in Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn, NY.

For people who aren’t too familiar with the Kings Plaza Mall let’s just say it’s not the kind of mall where you ever find a Sephora, Abercrombie & Fitch, or even a Bloomingdales. However, Armani Exchange believes Kings Plaza has potential and is on the rise.

While interviewing with Armani Exchange (for a part-time job) I learned that the Reps from AX were surprised how well Kings Plaza Mall was doing with some new editions such as Aldo and Godiva. They realized that that mall has potential and it definitely allowed them to make a mark by choosing such a radical location.

AX’s goal is to not only be the first high-end store to enter Kings Plaza Mall but to also bring a new vibe with a new theme inspired by a Blackberry Pearl, as well as potentially bringing up the status that Kings Plaza currently holds. AX also intends of making their brand more accessible to their buyers. Maria, the AX Brand Rep stated:“With our new location at Kings Plaza, it allows our consumers to be maybe just a bus away instead of a bus and train away from their favorite brand.”

Armani Exchange is brilliant for doing this! I know several people who love the clothes Armani Exchange but hate traveling to Soho to purchase their clothes. Making their brand more accessible to locals of Brooklyn is clever on many levels. With the new and daring location they are also bring a new theme to the store, a theme that has never been seen in an AX store. The new store is said to have track lights and sensual lighting, depicting a club feel.

All I can say is, I can’t wait for this store to open this summer! The new store is said to be open at the end of July 2008.