Chrysler LLC- Refueling the Economy

As our economy continues to spiral into recession inducing an increase in gas prices that will surely soar upwards of an offensive $5 this summer, it's no wonder that people are dusting off their bicycles and avoiding the gaspump as much as possible. With the pecuniary desire to drive a vehicle is rapidly diminishing, the demand to purchase one does so correspondingly causing car dealerships to feel the financial burn so many Americans are experiencing nowadays. However, Chrysler LLC has created the cost-stabilized "Let's Refuel America Program" to combat society’s perpetual struggle to fill their gastanks. Active from May 7th-July 7th 2008, an individual who purchases or leases a variety of select Jeep, Dodge, or Chrysler 2007-09 models is eligible to receive 12,000 miles of gas each year at the fixed price of $2.99 a gallon for three years. The customer is simply required to possess an active Visa or Mastercard to which the gas card is linked to for billing purposes. This is an excellent program as it supplies an incentive for individuals not only to purchase a car during our nation’s current state of economic instability, but to buy from Chrysler LLC rather than other automotive brands. The dealership profits by receiving a boost in business and consumer benefits by obtaining a degree of monetary constancy in an increasingly unsound financial system, creating an undeniably advantageous outcome for both parties involved.