Commercials, Coming Into A TV Show Near You!

With the creation of DVR and other TV-recording products, commercials have become something the public can now avoid. TV shows could be uninterrupted. People have also begun watching a lot of TV online, making traditional TV commercials less effective. Sadly, as expected, TV advertisers have found a way to get into your programming. TBS has begun running promotions within TV shows. That’s right, mini-commercials within the TV show you’re watching. For example, you’re watching a re-run of Family Guy on TBS and all of a sudden you see Bill Engvall walk onto the corner of your screen and pause the program with a remote. Then he spurts out a small promo for his new show, he clicks ‘play’ on his remote, and walks away starting your program back up where it left off. The interruption is not only intrusive but down-right annoying.
Currently TBS is only using this new trick to advertise other shows on their station. It’s only a matter of time before people start paying for these kinds of advertisements. The worst part about these new advertisements is that there’s no way to avoid them. There has already been an outcry online about these bothersome advertisements. TBS needs to monitor if this “innovative” advertising is working. Will the buzz created from this annoyance bring even more viewers to the Bill Engvall show? Will TBS viewers go elsewhere because of their frustrations? I suppose only time will tell if these new mini-commercials were a good idea or not.