Creative Donations Campaign

What do you think is a common feature shared by marketing and charitable donations? Together, they can let people know new information about specific products and the serious situation of poor nation. I think marketing and donations have the same purpose - to open people’s wallets!

Here is an excellent donation strategy to open people’s wallet. A supermarket puts postcards beside the cashiers and then asks customers to scratch those postcards with the change they receive after purchasing their groceries. After scratching the skinny man character(pictured above), they will find an image of a healthy man and the sentence “This October 26th and 27th, let’s stop global hunger! You can make a difference with just one penny.” The customer who reads this message donates the change in their hands that was used to scratch the postcard. This donation campaign ran in Peru and it recorded the biggest donation result in Peru’s history.
Usually, donation campaigns appeal to people’s emotions. But nowadays they need bright ideas to make people willing to donate! Mondo Grosso sings “Everything needs love” but I sing “Everything needs a hot idea to get things started!”