Do Consumers Really Care About Being "Green?"

While flipping through a magazine or watching TV it has become much more apparent that companies are moving in the "green" direction. Companies such as Ford and BP are coming out with campaigns emphasizing their efforts to slowing down global warming. Companies such as these are looking to attract consumers who believes in working to make all ranges of products more environmentally friendly. But are consumers as green as they think? Mike Lawrence, executive vp of corporate responsibility at Boston-based Cone, an Omnicom company whose specialties include cause-related branding says "People are more willing to change their lightbulbs than their lifestyles." That is to say, while consumers talk about being environmentally friendly and working against global warming, it is mostly talk. Few consumers are willing to actually take the steps necessary to make major changes to their lifestyle. Yet while consumers are more demanding of the corporate sector than they are of themselves. They look harshly on companies who seem to have neglected their impact on the environment. Further, while many companies believe that it is the younger generation which cares more about what happens to the Earth, this is far from true. Older people are taking a greater interest in protecting the environment than any other age group. Either way, the mood towards green marketing is shifting and it is hard to see exactly where it is going. Deflating a Myth, an article found in AdWeek, gives further insight into this issue.