Gift Giving on Facebook Just Got Better!

Gifts on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve received at least one, if not oh well. Their gifts include ice cream cones, sodas, birthday cakes, and everything else in between. According to, Brand Networks, Boston, are introducing a new Facebook application. This application, “Gifts with Benefits,” will allow users to send coupon codes, and sample offers to their friends. This application is set to launch next month, with an initial test. Randomly selected users will use this application, test it out, and provide Brand Networks with their feedback. One percent of the revenue generated from this application will go to the nonprofit alliance, One Percent for the Planet. One of the first advertisers to jump on board was Student Advantage which runs a college discount program. They provide deals with various stores including Target, Armani Exchange, and Urban Outfitters. Be on the look out next month when this application surfaces.This new application will provide companies with an advantage. They will be able to directly provide customers with discount codes, and coupons catered to their needs.