Have we seen the last of television on T.V.'s!

In the ever growing technology of computers and the internet, access to the television has crossed over to the cyber world. Watching television shows on the computer has become more popular over this past year due to the writers strike. New web episodes have popped up on every major network so audiences will still be branded to keep with the network. While the cyber world makes its mark on the world of television, one must wonder how the advertisers are are taking this hit. Well many of them sponsor every showing of one episode. ABC has a media player where you can download the show right on to your computer and iPod, and then it also has a regular player where you watch the shows but every 10 minutes there will be a commercial from the sponsor where one can click on to the sponsor’s website and it will not interrupt your programming. The commercials are shorter than the ones on television. This is because they want people to stay tuned and to visit the websites of the sponsor. When watching television online, you have to click to continue so the media player knows you are still watching and involved on the internet.

This is a great way to watch television if you do not have cable, DVR or TiVo. It helps when you have missed a program that you really wanted to see and your VHS recorder does not work and is now becoming obsolete.

This method of clicking to watch a television show has grown to almost every major network but the question still has to be asked… is this working for advertisers? Is this new method going to take over the comfort of our home life to the cyber world? There is no way of avoiding this new version of advertising.

In time like everything else will tell if advertisers are doing well in the cyber world of television.