Innovative, Consumer Friendly, Apple

For as long as I can remember my father has been a loyal, almost fanatical Apple consumer. Since he is a photographer computers are absolutely crucial to the editing and communication aspects of his career, and I’ve observed the progression of his technology evolve from Apple’s bulky desktops of almost ten years ago to the current smaller, sleeker, practically weightless (how cool is the MacBook Air, right?) models available today. I wouldn’t doubt that at least five Apple desktop models (and countless laptops and iPods for himself as well as us kids) have passed through our household in the past few years, amounting to an unsurprisingly hefty amount of money spent on this particular brand. And I am certain that my father is not alone in his Mac obsession- I know loads of people who are equally as pleased with the brand’s uniquely groundbreaking technology, many which declare that they could “never go back to a PC.” In fact, Apple is so technologically progressive that when a new item is released (ala the iPod touch and insanely popular iPhone) it’s only a matter of months before it is refurbed, revamped, and re-released, usually at cheaper price. Many people were very upset when the price of the 8GB iPhone was cut by $200 (and the 4GB model was altogether eliminated) last fall only two months after its initial debut. Faithful Apple customers who excitedly purchased the item when it was first released felt shafted, that their brand devotion separated them by a significant monetary amount from those who weren’t as enthusiastic, resulting in many discontented loyalists. However, Apple is one of those amazing corporations that values their patrons’ financial as well as personal investment and provided the initial iPhone purchasers with $100 gift cards to thank them for their devoted support. This validates what a truly exceptional company the Apple empire has proven to be- providing their appreciative consumers with exceptional products while not only maintaining customer contentment, but making it a priority. With the upcoming release of the upgraded iPhone (hitting stores July 11th), compiled with the 6 MILLION iPhones already sold in the United States alone, Apple is one buyer-friendly corporation whose success exhibits no sign of waning anytime remotely soon.