Is it Pepsi or Coke?

So, I saw the cool new can of Coke. It had the regular skin but what was cool is that it said Coca-Cola in Russian. This was Coca-Cola's new ad campaign that featured the languages of many countries for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The first time I saw this can, I thought what a clever idea it was for Coca-Cola to use different languages on their cans. However, I've always been a pepsi girl, so I still only drink pepsi, regardless of how much of a clever idea it was for Coca-Cola. It really just caught my attention!

Today, I was online looking for something to blog about when I come across the new pepsi can for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. What was odd about it was that it kind of looked A LOT like the Coca-Cola Can which caught me by surprise! It didn't have the ususal blue color scheme. On the other hand, it was all red, just like the Coca-Cola can.

My research made me come to the conclusion that Pepsi is a big sponser of Team China, and many of their sporting events and that since Team China's color is red, they made their cans red due to the 2008 Beijing Olympics! However, since the two cans look a lot alike, I feel like Pepsi might have copied Coca-Cola's marketing technique, but in fact, it was a very, very bold move for Pepsi Co. Regardless of how the can looks, I will always be a pepsi drinker!