It is no secret that the objective of commercials is to catch viewers' attention. It is also no secret that most people love babies, that even the manliest man can be known to turn to mush in the presence of a baby. So what better way to catch the attention of viewers than to make a baby a the star of a commercial? This is the approach that motorola took in their commercial to promote the new availability of e*trade on blackberries. http://adage.com/brightcove/lineup.php?lineup=159570210. This commercial features a baby boy who has the voice and speaks as if he is a business executive. He says surprising and ironic lines to hear from a baby such as, "Bad girl" and "I'm a free man". This ironic contrast between the appearance of the character and the characters voice isn't a totally new idea. One of the Citibank identity theft commercials featured this contrast with the appearance of a modest man in an outdated living room with the voice of an upbeat valley-girl. This method catches the attention of viewers due to the surprise element, and is memorable because it is funny due to the extreme characters. The Blackberry commercial upgrades this idea by using all the elements of the Citibank commerical while adding just one element -- one of the most attention-getting actors on the planet, a baby.

To see the Citibank identity theft commercial: http://youtube.com/watch?v=KERwnA8VfFM